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Polk XRt12 (XM) Polk XRt12 (XM)Editors' Choice

Polk's homebound XM radio sets a new standard for satellite radio sound quality.

The good: XM satellite home radio receiver; superior connectivity options; video output to display menu on a TV; improved sound quality; dozens of commercial-free music channels; news, sports, and talk channels; easy-to-read display; remote.

The bad: Relatively expensive; receives only XM programming--no AM, FM, or Sirius.

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LaCie 321 LCD LaCie 321 LCDEditors' Choice

This is one of the best LCDs for people who need a monitor with precise color and shading capabilities.

The good: Excellent color fidelity; bright; advanced image-adjustment controls; wide viewing angles; plentiful inputs.

The bad: Chintzy stand that makes position adjustments difficult; no cable-management system; toll-call tech support with limited hours.

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Sonos Digital Music System Sonos Digital Music SystemEditors' Choice

While pricey compared to other digital single-room audio receivers, the multiroom Sonos Digital Music System is currently the slickest solution for affordably distributing your music throughout the house.

The good: Sleekly designed; easy setup; wireless, color screen remote for accessing your music from anywhere in the house; easily expandable (up to 32 rooms); built-in 50-watt-per-channel amp; Rhapsody compatible; audio inputs for streaming music from other sources; impressive sound quality.

The bad: Somewhat expensive; no amp-less option yet; no digital audio output; remote's rechargeable battery isn't removable; doesn't play protected WMA or AAC files; Rhapsody support planned but not yet implemented.

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Skype 1.1 Skype 1.1Editors' Choice

Skype 1.1 is a free and easy way to make phone calls to any other PC user in the world, and now there's a way to make cheap calls to technophobe friends, too.

The good: Free download; no ads; free Skype-to-Skype calls; conference calling for up to five people.

The bad: Inconsistent call quality to landline phones with SkypeOut.

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