CNET Membership newsletter February 9, 2004 

The 5 that matter

Dear CNET members:
Welcome back! Thank you all for your great responses to our new Q&A feature. Now that I’m all 'red-eyed' from the lack of sleep reading all the responses, here is the answer to last week's question:

1 What causes red-eye in digital photos and how does image-editing software remove it?

Red-eye in photography is caused by the camera flash reflecting off the eye's retina, which is an area rich in blood.
Image-editing software fixes the problem by desaturating the red pixels in the eye and replacing them with other colors.

--Submitted by member: Barry B. Please click here to check out Barry’s full response.

For his efforts, we’re sending him a copy of the Adobe Elements Learning CD.

Check out next week's question; there's no right or wrong answer, so creativity counts!

What will be the next high-tech gadget you won't be able to live without?

--Submitted by member: Frank L., from Leominster, MA

We feature a new question every Monday. If you have the answer, e-mail us at If we choose your response, you'll get a free CD. Click here for Q&A submission guidelines

Lee Koo
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The top reason I want/bought a digital camera is:

Freedom from film: Hasta la vista, One-Hour Photo!
It's easier to e-mail photos to friends and family.
I like to add special effects to pictures.
I want to post photos to my Web site.

Would you consider an alternative to Microsoft Office applications?
I'm OPEN to an alternative 69%
I'm with Bill 21%
There's no credible alternative 5%
Office is becoming irrelevant 3%

Retouch and repair damaged photos
Enhance photos with enhancement layers
Add dazzling effects to photos with filters
Create animated GIFs for your Web site
Add text and captions to your photos
Produce composite images and other effects
Create slideshows you can share with friends via email
Create Web site graphics
And much more...
1 Web photos, need for speed
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1 Spyware and pop-ups: Is it our fault?
Are you furious about spyware and pop-up ads surfacing on your computer? CNET moderator Grif Thomas says, "Although none of us like spyware, much of it is installed because we've ALLOWED it to get there." Do you agree? Join our forum discussion now. More Virus and Security Alerts discussions

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