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CNET Membership newsletter January 2, 2004  

The 5 that matter

Dear CNET members:
In the upcoming weeks, you’ll notice some changes to the CNET membership newsletter. We'll still keep you informed about exclusive member offers and benefits. But now we want you to get involved by taking part in an interactive quiz that'll let you tap into the vast knowledge of CNET's community.

Every Monday we’ll post a Member Question of the Week -- if you know the answer, send it in. If your answer is the best/most concise, we'll post it in the next newsletter, and you win a free Learning CD! To get the ball rolling, here’s the first question:

What causes red-eye in digital photos and how does image editing software remove it?

Think you know the answer to this week’s question? Email your answer to

And before I forget, check out our Member poll each week. Get your vote in and see if other CNET members agree with you. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Enjoy!

Lee Koo
CNET Community
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Yes, I’m OPEN to an alternative
There never will be a credible alternative
Office is, like, so last-millenium!


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