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CNET Membership newsletter March 15, 2004 

The 5 that matter

Dear CNET members:
While many of our members suggested that Jack simply reformat the hard drive--according this article and many like it--performing a basic reformat just isn't good enough to ensure that your personal data stays safe. Below is our pick, which touches on a few possible solutions depending on Jack's needs. If you would like to discuss this topic further, you're welcome to join us by clicking here. Thanks for all the great submissions!

1 I'm donating my old PC to charity. What should I do to make sure all of my information is completely gone? --Submitted by Jack K. of Jacksonville, FL

There are basically three ways to eliminate information from a hard drive:

1. Overwriting the data -- This is probably the solution that this particular user is interested in, since he wants someone to be able to reuse the hard drive. There are several free, shareware, commercial products and services that provide this option.

2. Degaussing (demagnetizing) -- This magnetically destroys the data on a hard drive. However, it requires a special machine that the general public doesn't normally have access to. And it can render the hard drive unusable.

3. Destruction -- This can be psychologically gratifying to those with a sledgehammer and a latent hatred for all things technological. But it renders the hard drive unusable for future use.

--Submitted by member: Steve P. of Toronto Canada
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I just started using Outlook 2003 and discovered that it doesn't automatically display the images in my e-mail--I have to right-click them to see them. As a graphic artist, I need to see the images in HTML e-mail immediately. Is there any workaround?

--Submitted by member: Pam C. of Waterville, ME

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