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CNET Membership newsletter April 19, 2004 

The 5 that matter

Dear CNET members:
Just wanted to let you know that we are going to reschedule our Member Question of the Week newsletter. You've been receiving it on Mondays, but starting this week, it will move to Fridays. So don't miss this Friday's edition, in which we answer Charles M's question:

In Windows XP, is there a way to always get my files to display as a list when I open a folder? Now when I open a folder, I always get icons.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers for their participation. Your submissions have kept us all very busy, and we enjoy reading them. If you have not submitted anything yet, I encourage your participation; you never know if your question or answer will appear in next week's newsletter. Please check out our guidelines before submitting; this will help us out tremendously in making our final decisions each week.

While I would love to feature everyone's question, I'm only able to present only one each week. So for those of you who submitted a question and are in dire need of tech advice, don't wait for us. Check out the CNET Tech forums. With hundreds of helpful community members and moderators, our forums surely include at least one person who can give you a helping hand. See you on Friday!

Lee Koo
CNET Community
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I get hardly any spam. 11%

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