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CNET Membership newsletter July 30, 2004 

The 5 that matter

Dear CNET members:
Wowee, this week's submissions for James's question ranged from simple to complicated, but they all were great! While there really isn't a clear-cut answer, these solutions should give James a good start on tackling his problem. So this week, instead of giving one winning answer, I've decided to include a few submissions as winning answers. I couldn't fit everyone's answers in the space given, so please click the links to read through those members' complete submissions. And as always, don't forget the great honorable mention section. One more thing: A large number of you told us that you love's free online classes, so we're going to offer more! However, we'd like to get your feedback on the course topics that you find most interesting. So if you could please take this quick, three-question survey to let us know what free online courses we should add to's schedule, we'd be grateful. Thanks in advance!

1Help! Somebody's using my e-mail address to send viruses all over the country. And people are sending me e-mail saying "You sent me a virus!" I don't want everyone to think I'm sending out viruses. Is there any way for me to stop them and clear my name?

----Submitted by: James C. of Dallas, Texas

Hello, while I cannot completely help answer the question completely, I can give you a very good start on solving your problem. First things first. As you should have heard by now, you really need to invest...    Read more

--Submitted by: Aaron P.

Before we get to the spoofing, there are some things you need to do to make sure it's not your machine sending out the e-mail by being hijacked. Most important, you need to scan your machine for viruses. It's recommended you...  Read more

--Submitted by: Burt H.

Precondition: Your operating system has all of the latest critical updates and security patches installed on it. Precondition: You have a good antivirus program running whenever your computer is turned on and it's updated...  Read more

--Submitted by: Pete S. of Toronto, Canada

The solution to your problem is quick, easy and absolutely foolproof. Disconnect all your computers from the Internet and NEVER plug them in again. Practically speaking, every other solution will eventually result in your...  Read more

--Submitted by Ron V. G.

(Please click here for the honorable mentions, which include a lot of great additional tips.)

For their efforts, we’re sending them all their choice of any Learning CD.

Check out next week's question:

In Excel 2002, I want to lock in my title row so that it remains visible while I scroll down to see the rest of my data. Any ideas?

--Submitted by: Conrad F. of Walnut, California

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Best regards and enjoy!

Lee Koo
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1 PC freezes, then shuts down
Does your system ever spontaneously shut down with no warning at all? Or boot up, then stall and shut down? If this is something that you've experienced, you may want to join this ongoing discussion and pick up some advice and remedies from our local residents. If you have any suggestions for our fellow members, please chime in, because your advice counts! More from the Computer Newbies forum

1 What is the difference between USB 1.1 and 2.0?
Chances are that the next time you pick up an external computer peripheral, it will use USB 2.0 to connect to your computer. So what is USB 2.0? Is it that much faster than USB 1.1? Will your current USB port be compatible with peripherals using 2.0? Here is a quick discussion to help you better understand what's in store for USB 2.0. More from the PC Hardware forum

1 What computer brand is best?
In the light of the annual back-to-school buying frenzy, a common question from people looking to buy a computer is, who has the best machines? And to be quite honest, I don't think there is one good answer. However, we can tackle this question collectively, with your suggestions and advice. So if you have a personal brand preference or have had good or bad luck with either the computer you own or a certain company's technical support, let's hear about it. This a great discussion to praise or vent about your computer brand and let others know what to buy or which companies to avoid. Everyone is listening! More from the Computer Help forum

Windows XP: Best way to delete Internet Explorer from hard drive
Backing up and printing Internet Explorer favorites
Windows Me and XP: how to disable system restore

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