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CNET Membership newsletter October 8, 2004 

The 5 that matter

Dear CNET members:
As simple as this week's Q&A sounds (changing the registered owner's name on a computer), it does require you to dip into the Windows Registry. For some, that may be a walk in the park, but for others, it's unfamiliar territory. With that said, I must warn newbies, editing the Registry requires extreme caution and, if done incorrectly, can render your system useless. So if you are uncomfortable with it, stay on the sidelines and let an experienced person do it for you. But if you think you are up to the challenge, make sure to back up your Registry first. If you don't know how to do that, check out this week's winning answer by Thomas. In addition, make sure you check out all the honorable mentions and other great recommendations, which include a resource Web site and Registry utilities.

And don't forget, every week's poll has a discussion section about the poll, so place your votes and talk it over. We'd like to hear from you. Thanks, everyone!

1When I click My Computer > System, a page comes up with some information, including the name of whom the computer is registered to. How can I change this name? I am giving my computer to my daughter and want to put her name there instead. I appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you.

--Submitted by: Christina

(First, a word of warning: This may require you to edit the Registry. Doing this incorrectly can cause permanent damage to your operating system and should therefore be done with extreme caution.)

The name to whom the computer is registered is stored in the Windows Registry. If you are not familiar with the system Registry, use EXTREME caution when making any changes here.

However if you are familiar with the Registry, you can go straight to the Registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE \Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version and "RegisteredOwner" (Windows NT/2000/XP users).


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE \Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion and "RegisteredOwner" (Windows 9x/Me users).

Double-click RegisteredOwner in the right-hand pane and under Value data, change the name to whoever you'd like. Click OK and exit the Registry editor and you're done.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Windows Registry, here's how to perform this task... Read more

--Submitted by Thomas L. of Silverton, Oregon. USA

(Please click the following links for this week's honorable mentions and other recommendations.)

For Thomas's efforts, we’re sending him his choice of any Learning CD.

Check out next week's question:

Pictures that I printed over a year ago on my HP photo printer are all fading to yellow. What would cause this, the ink or the paper quality, or both? I did go with generic paper and ink cartridge refills to avoid high cost. I need some recommendations on something that will last for years to come without making me broke.

--Submitted by: Betty C. of Iowa. USA

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Best regards and enjoy!

Lee Koo
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