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CNET Membership newsletter October 15, 2004 

The 5 that matter

Dear CNET members:
This week, we received an incredible amount of well-written submissions to Betty's problem with her digital photos turning yellow. And I absolutely love how much our members are willing to put their time and effort into ensuring that other members in need are given a direction to help solve their issues. This is what helping one another is all about! So without further delay, please take a look at this week's fantastic winning answer by Thomas L. and the honorable mentions, which also include a few submissions by professionals who offer up some of their great advice. The topic is open for discussion, so if you have more information or if you yourself need help, join us in the forums to discuss it. You know what to do.

In regard to this week's question submitted by our member Rhonda E., there most likely isn't a black-and-white answer, given so many approaches to smoothly maintaining a computer. So it is open to all suggestions; however, to benefit not only Rhonda but members across the board, please be detailed in your submission of steps you take. I look forward to your replies. Thanks, everyone--your contributions are second to none!

1Pictures that I printed more than a year ago on my HP photo printer are all fading to yellow. What would cause this: the ink, the paper quality, or both? I did go with generic paper and ink cartridge refills to avoid high costs. I need recommendations for items that will last for years to come without making me broke.

--Submitted by: Betty C. of Iowa, USA

First of all, BACK UP YOUR PICTURES!!! Put them on a CD, a DVD, another hard drive, an Internet storage site--some place safe.

You answered your own question. BOTH the ink and the paper contribute to the loss of quality on any printed material over time. I will address ink later, as it is a little more in depth of an explanation. Your question was regarding cost, so we'll get right to that.

The first thing you should be sure of is that you are using acid-free paper.

Bad paper, light, and gases in the air are the top contributors to yellowing in printed material. For maximum print life, you should display all prints under glass or lamination and properly store them.

If it's a quality issue, then you should stick with the recommended products from your manufacturer. That is the only guarantee the printer maker will offer you, and it's extremely limited, at that.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the costs of printing your own pictures.

1. Several online photo... Read more

--Submitted by Thomas L. of Silverton, Oregon. USA

(Please click the following links for this week's honorable mentions.)

For Thomas's efforts, we’re sending him his choice of any Learning CD.

Check out next week's question:

My kids and I have three computers at home, running Windows 98, Me, and XP. Granted that the XP system runs the smoothest since it is the newest one, I would like to get some recommendations from people on some regular maintenance routines, hardware, or software that I should use to ensure their best performance.

--Submitted by: Rhonda E. of Durham, North Carolina

We feature a new question every Friday. If you have the answer, e-mail us at If we choose your response, you'll get a free CD. Click here for Q&A submission guidelines and check out our previous Q&As here.

Best regards and enjoy!

Lee Koo
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1 How did someone get into my computer?
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1 Got wireless service?
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1 Helping one another is a great feeling
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1 Mac nugget: My iMac G5 won't wake up!
When not using my iMac, I turn off the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to save the batteries. After my iMac goes to sleep, I can not wake it from the keyboard or the mouse, though I switch them on and wait for several minutes. The only way I have found to wake it is hold in the power button till it shuts down, then I power on. Is there something I'm missing? I am new to Bluetooth, as you can tell. --Posted by member, bobsmyth  
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