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November 12, 2004
Dear CNET members,
You didn't make a mistake; you've opened the right newsletter. More than a month ago with the remodel, I let you know that we would be revamping our Membership newsletter design. Well, here it is! While the newsletter does have a refreshing new look, (BTW: a huge thank-you to my coworkers, Dean N., Dennis C., Madi K., and Gillian H. from our incredibly talented design and tech team), the core content has not changed because most of you told me to keep it the way it is. All we did was made it easier for you to find the things you'd be most interested in--after all, this is your newsletter. So I'd like to hear what you think about the new design. Please join me in this discussion and post your thoughts, even if it is about my bad picture. Now, off we go to tackle Ron R.'s question of the week.

Lee Koo
Manager, CNET community
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Member Question of the Week
Q I use Outlook Express for e-mail. When I forward an e-mail message with pictures in it, the recipients see only boxes with red Xs in them, not pictures. What causes this, and are there any settings I can change that will allow the pictures to show up?
Submitted by: Ron R.
There are a number of possible explanations for little red Xs in Outlook Express. In fact, they are so numerous, I've written software that reads the Outlook Express databases and extracts the images.

First, let me give your seemingly simple second question, how to prevent them, a straightforward answer. Use the "Message/forward as attachment" command rather than the "Message/forward" command. Sending it as an attachment sends the entire message intact. Your recipients can then open the attachment and view the pictures--maybe!

Second, let me explain why this is such an issue. Finally, I'll suggest some diagnostic...
Submitted by: Al C.
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To partition or not, what's the answer?
What's your personal take on partitioning a hard drive, do you or do you not? Are there any benefits or a negative side to it? Please tell us what you think is best and why. If you've been thinking about this task or just need a bit more convincing--like the member who proposed this question--check out this discussion. Maybe once the solid foundation is laid by our members, you'll have better insight as to what's best for you.
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Why you should ditch Norton AntiVirus
Do you swear on your computer's life that Norton AntiVirus is the best antivirus app money can buy, or do you think Norton AntiVirus and other popular mainstream antivirus apps are just system resource hogs and a waste of money? Well, which ever side of the fence you sit on, check out this article by Senior Editor Robert Vamosi, wherein he presents his whole laundry list of reasons to ditch Norton. If you disagree or agree, post your two cents about it in the TalkBack section of the article, we're all listening.
ScanDisk keeps restarting
Do you encounter ScanDisk problems in Windows? If you do or you have a solution for problems surrounding this heavily used Windows utility, join us in this discussion. Your help and questions will make us all successful in the quest for a better-running computer.
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Using I.E. without SP2? Bad idea
One of our veteran volunteer moderators, Robert Proffitt, points out an article that essentially says using earlier versions of Internet Explorer without SP2 is risky business. Read the article that he points to and determine if it really is time to switch to a different browser. If you have comments to add about Bob's advice, chime on in.
More from the Windows XP Forum

Mac nugget: Does an OS X 80GB hard drive need a partition?
We're getting a PowerBook 15-incher with an 80GB hard drive. I wouldn't let a PC come in the house unpartitioned, but what about PowerBooks? Do Macs work so efficiently they don't need the extra tweaking that a PC requires? If it's advisable to partition this 80 gigs of space, do you recommend any software in particular? -posted by Linda
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Check out next week's question:
Q I have three popular spyware programs installed on my XP PC. No matter which order I run them in, each one will detect at least one item that the others missed. I was wondering, how many spyware programs are too many? Thanks for your thoughts on this.
--Submitted by: Brian V.
(Note: While there may not be a right or wrong answer to next week's question, let's give Brian some sound advice on the best programs that you think thoroughly deal with spyware, why you think they are best, and how many apps are overkill.)
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