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November 19, 2004
Dear CNET members,
I really appreciate the great feedback from all of you regarding the redesign of the newsletter. As I read your messages, I realized that about 50 percent of you suggested that the white text on the dark green background was difficult to read. Since this is a split decision, I've decided to add a poll below about whether we keep the green background. Every vote counts, so participate and let the majority decide.

Now, let's move on to this week's topic: having too many spyware programs. While there is really no right or wrong answer to Brian's question, most of us can probably agree that it is necessary to have one or more spyware programs to keep intruders at bay. However, more important is the overall education about spyware itself, not just the number of apps. So this week, take a look at the winning answer by Michael and the other great advice and utility recommendations in the honorable mentions. Thank you all for your participation!

(Note: I will be taking a week off for the holiday festivities, so there will be no Member Q&A next week. However, I will have some classic, low carb discussion topics from the forums for you to nibble on through the Thanksgiving holiday.)

Lee Koo
Manager, CNET community
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Member Question of the Week
Q I have three popular spyware programs installed on my XP PC. No matter which order I run them in, each one will detect at least one item that the others missed. I was wondering, how many spyware programs are too many? Thanks for your thoughts on this.
Submitted by: Brian V.
I would suggest that three is already too many, and that the reason they always seem to pick something up is because they are finding items in each other's quarantine stores. I use only two, Lavasoft's excellent and easy-to-use Ad-aware and Spybot's Search and Destroy. Spybot is good because it allows immunization of Internet Explorer to prevent it from downloading known spyware in the future.

I think it is easy to go overboard with spyware checkers and be overly concerned about the results, since the majority of what they pick up are tracking cookies, which are not a big issue. A more integrated approach is...
Submitted by: Michael F. of Perth, Western Australia
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Community Buzz
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Best regards and enjoy!
What's the fastest way to send a huge file?
Say you have a family digital video file that you would like to send one of your family members and snail mail just isn't an option. Do you have a recommended method of sending these large file? Read what others suggest, and if you have a special method, let's hear it.
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Is the iPod worth shelling out $300+?
It seems that everyone either owns or wants an iPod, but is really worth the money? Or do you really get the best bang for the buck with another player? What's your take on it? If you own an iPod, please chime in, because this holiday season, I'm sure many members are contemplating this purchase either for a loved one or for themselves.
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Dear IE, I'm leaving you for good
Last week, Senior Editor Robert Vamosi ended his relationship with Norton's AntiVirus; this week, he's leaving Internet Explorer for good. Read up on the drama about Robert's dwindling relationship with IE and why he is calling it a cheater. Whether you agree or disagree, post your thoughts about Internet Explorer in the TalkBack section of the article. Maybe next week he'll be seen talking to a fox.

Best way to delete Internet Explorer?
Now that you've permanently switched to another browser and would like to remove IE completely, you discover that there is not an uninstall feature for it. Find out in this discussion whether IE can be removed or is just better off left alone.
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New AVG Anti-virus 7.0 now available
A few newsletters ago, I mentioned that AVG Anti-virus 6.0 was coming to an end. Well, the good news is that a new edition has just been released. If you're a user of this free antivirus app, find out what our members are saying about it.
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Hard drives: is there a clear leader?
Whatever the manufacturer brand is, a hard drive is a hard drive, right? Sometimes it can be difficult for prospective buyers to determine which brand is better for them, based only on specs. So do you trust one hard drive brand name over another? Tell us what you use so that this member and others can determine what's best for them.
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Mac nugget: Help! Firefox not working on our Macs
Are you happily using Mozilla Firefox on your Mac without a hitch? If you are, please help this fellow Mac owner and his friend who are having nothing but trouble with Firefox on their Macs.
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Check out next week's question:
Q I am not comfortable submitting personal information online when making a purchase. I know more and more people who are victims of identity theft, and with the shopping season fast approaching, I want to protect myself. Is there anything I can do prevent identity theft?
--Submitted by: Gloria S. of Vineland, New Jersey
(Note: While there may not be a right or wrong answer to next week's question, let's give Gloria sound advice on how to protect herself from identity theft, either online or offline. Please explain your answer in detail.)
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