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November 26, 2004
Dear CNET members,
In the midst of this Thanksgiving holiday season, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your incredible contribution to this newsletter and the community forums. Without your voice, this newsletter wouldn't be possible. So again, thank you!

As I mentioned last week, we will not be having a Q&A this week. However, I did promise you some classic discussions to nibble on through the holiday. So check them out and add your voice. I'll see you all next week when we answer Gloria's identity theft question.

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday!
Lee Koo
Manager, CNET community
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Top 10 Classic Community Buzz
This week we revisit some of our past and most popular discussions in the forums. Enjoy!

Computers: Turn off or leave on?
It's time to rally the troops, folks--time to discuss this popular and frequently asked question of whether to turn off the computer or leave it on. Jump on the bandwagon and give us your two cents about what you do, and I'll start tallying up the votes--off, on, off, on...
More from the Desktop forum

Why a member thinks people shouldn't use Windows Internet Explorer
Do you need some honest opinions? Well here it is. One of our veteran forum members tells us why he thinks people shouldn't use Windows Internet Explorer. He goes on to discuss the vulnerabilities and how it serves as a road map for writers of any Trojan horse, worm, or virus. This discussion is getting a bit heated, but it is just a matter of an opinion after all. Take a look, and if you have a cent or two to throw into the donation jar, it's wide open, so join in!
More from the Computer Help forum

XP SP2 Firewall or ZoneAlarm?
Many people use standalone firewall programs such ZoneAlarm, Tiny Personal Firewall, or BlackIce Defender, but what about the one that comes as a part of the Windows XP Service Pack 2? Does it offer you the same protection as these other firewalls? Find out in this discussion what XP users are saying, and if you've had a good or bad experience with the new XP SP2 firewall, share it with us here.
More from the Windows XP Forum

What is WD-40?
The CNET forums aren't always filled with tech advice and discussions, and here's one that kind of strayed from the norm that's about WD-40. What is WD-40, you ask? Find out in this discussion and add your comments on or experience about this product that I personally call Wonder Drug 40. Sound off right here and have fun!
More from the PC Hardware forum

I've done almost everything, yet XP still runs painfully slow
When your computer starts running slowly, you do everything in your power to remedy the problem: update all the necessary OS patches, defrag the hard drive, clean up those temporary files, and so forth, until you've tried everything--yet your computer still drags along. Frustrating, isn't it! In this thread, many of our knowledgeable members offer up their tips and tricks to help solve this problem. Maybe you can use these suggestions to rejuvenate your computer's speed once again, and if you have something to add to the discussion, we're all ears.
More from the Windows XP forum

Defragging can be bad for hard drives?
Most people would agree that you should defrag your hard drive regularly to keep it running smoothly. Recently, a member's friend said that defragging too often causes wear and tear on the drive. Could this be true? After years of telling people to defrag often, could we have been giving out misinformation? Take a look at this discussion and read what our resident experts have to say. If you're ever given information that you aren't sure is accurate, post it in the forums. Most likely, someone will be able to give you an explanation or set the record straight.
More from the Computer Newbies forum

  What tech gadget are you most thankful for?
Cell phone
Digital camera
DVD burner
Flat-panel monitor
MP3 player
Wi-Fi network

Any legal recourse I could take against McAfee?!
When your antivirus support is up after a year, is your utility rendered completely useless? Or does it run but not give you updates until you renew your paid subscription? One of our members, rguy1, realized that McAfee had completely disabled his antivirus after a year and is picking a bone with the company's policy. Check out what he has to say in this heated discussion and what others have to contribute for or against his gripe.
More from the Viruses & Security Alerts forum

What's the skinny on refillable/compatible ink cartridges?
We all know how ridiculously priced those inkjet printer cartridges are. So how about using the refillable type or even compatible ones not made by the original manufacturers? Are they safe? How do they perform? Check out this discussion, and if you have a tip or a suggestion on refillable or compatible ink
More from the Peripherals forum

Is IncrediMail safe to install and use?
Many people turn to IncrediMail to spice up their boring e-mail format with interesting graphics and backgrounds. But is it safe to use this e-mail utility? Some members say it has spyware or adware in it. Is it true? Find out what others are saying, and if you use IncrediMail already, tell us what you think of it.
More from the Viruses & Security Alerts Forum

Making the right broadband choice: Cable or DSL?
Are you tired of dial-up connections and ready to contemplate taking a different highway to the Internet? Check out this ongoing discussion on broadband services, from DSL to cable. If you recommend one over another broadband choice, let's hear it from you. We're all hoping to get helpful insight, recommendations, and gripes that could make anyone wanting to switch--or not--do it that much faster.
More from the Broadband forum

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