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CNET Membership newsletter March 22, 2004 

The 5 that matter

Dear CNET members:
It was very interesting to see how many people submitted similar questions about viewing images immediately in Outlook, so I gathered that this tidbit of info will help out many folks. One warning, though, before you make this quick adjustment, check out the warnings that many people have submitted about automatically viewing images within Outlook. Here's this week's answer.

1 I just started using Outlook 2003 and discovered that it doesn't automatically display the images in my e-mail--I have to right-click them to see them. As a graphic artist, I need to see the images in HTML e-mail immediately. Is there any workaround?
--Submitted by Pam C. of Waterville, ME

Actually, Pam, you can make your pictures in HTML e-mails show up. Microsoft intentionally did this as a security feature to prevent viruses and harmful code from being run automatically as soon as an HTML image is shown.

In order to turn this feature off, open up Outlook 2003 and at the top of the menu bar, select Tools > Options > Security. Look just below the middle of this section for the button labeled "Change automatic download settings" and click it. The first item that has a check mark controls whether pictures and HTML automatically download. If you remove the check mark, it will allow the pictures to come in as soon as you view the e-mail.

--Submitted by member: Ron P. of Colfax, NC
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Check out next week's question:

In Windows XP, every time a program crashes, a message appears asking me if I want to send a report to Microsoft. I don't. Is there any way for me to keep that friendly message from appearing?

--Submitted by member: Brad D. Columbia, TN

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