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July 23, 2010
3D TVs: True innovation or hype?

Dear CNET members,

Happy Friday! Well folks, I'm back from Maui, Hawaii, and I'm recharged and refreshed! However, I'm still having paradise withdraws from time to time--but who wouldn't after leaving such a beautiful island. For those of you expecting a picture of me in a hula skirt doing a dance, you're out of luck. I dropped the skirt and picked up a fishing pole. Here is a photo of me right off the coast of Maui fighting my catch--a 27-pound Wahoo (Ono) fish! Overall, it was a great vacation. By the way, thanks to those who e-mailed to recommend some local restaurants and places to check out on Maui, they helped tremendously! Now let's move on to the topic of 3D TVs.

Ahh 3D TVs: True innovation or hype? That is the question. Personally, I think it is somewhere in between; however, who can predict where it goes from here on out. With more 3D movies rolling out in at the box office, it does make me wonder if that's the direction in which we are headed for home viewing and it may eventually become the norm as HDTV has become today. (10 years ago, I'm sure many of you thought HDTV was all hype.) Today, 3D TV is still very new and a lot the information on it is still foreign to many of us, but it never hurts to understand more of it. So I'm glad James submitted this question, and I'm very happy to say that in the answers provided by our members. Though some answers are more technical than others, many people did a wonderful job providing their opinions and info that demystifies 3D TVs technology. With these informative answers, I hope that after reading it, James and everyone in the same boats as him will be able to make a better-educated decision if 3D TVs are worth looking into. For more information on 3D TVs, CNET editor David Katzmaier gives also a great run down on his 3D TV FAQ blog. Good luck with your decisions folks and a big thank you to all those who contributed. Have an awesome weekend!

- Lee

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Lee Koo
Lee Koo
CNET Community manager
Last week's question
3D TVs: True innovation or hype?
QuestionI'm starting to shop for a new TV and keep seeing a lot about 3D TVs. Should I consider them in my research or is it a waste of time and money? Has anyone seen demos? How's the picture quality? Can the feature be turned on and off? Would I have to wear special glasses just to watch my TV? What about movies? Netflix and Blockbuster don't offer 3D movies, do any movie channels? Trying to separate true innovation from hype. Thanks!

-- Submitted by: James G.

AnswerFeatured member solutions
for last week's question:

 "Best guess- the next parallel to the adoption of HDTV"
-- Submitted by: Scott Gardener

-- Submitted by: timhood

 "3D might be a gimmick, it might not. My guess is it will"
-- Submitted by: minimalist

 "3D TV: Is it worth it?"
-- Submitted by: dgoodrum

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 Thanks to all who contributed!

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