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Sat, 26 Jul 2014 00:38:18 GMT

i HAVE A z30 AND LOVE IT. I had to send it in fir a repair. I have a Z10 as a loaner. 


Can I put the Z30 back up file on the Z10. I am getting errors?




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Fri, 25 Jul 2014 21:47:04 GMT

Hello guys!

I recently acquired a new Z10 and it came with a battery somewhat different from my previous Z10. It feels a little bulkier and it is black and yellow, not black and blue as the old one.

Is this new yellow battery different in any way to my old blue battery?


Thank you in advance.

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2014-03-18 20:07:57.0

Hey, this is my problem. In this Monday, I just tried to view my blackberry photos as usual. However, I just mistakenly pressed a wrong button and everything there disappeared. I also checked this phone card on my computer. There was really nothing left. But, I could not lose my photos like that. I really want to find them all back. Is it possible? What can I do to rescue them all? Help me, please!

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2014-02-12 21:31:42.0

Recently, as trying to view the stored photos on the memory card of my blackberry phone, a "Memory Card error" problem pops out. So, I pick it out and try it on my laptop with a card Reader. The Windows just asks me to format it before using. Is there something wrong? Is it possible to copy all the stored photos and videos off from this memory card before formatting? They really mean a lot to me! Please, help me! Thank you in advance!!!

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